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Welcome to Born This Way Doula Services 

You know who you are, and here we promote and rally for the uniqueness of each and every person, birth and baby. At Born This Way Doulas we know that you are unlike anyone else: Your autonomy, your individualism and your personal life experience makes you exceptionally you. 

Your birth experience deserves to be just as personal, just as unique and just as exceptional. 

Born This Way Doulas are experts in providing professional and compassionate labor doula support and are devoted to working in tandem with birthing families and their medical providers to assure they can proudly say,


“My child was born this way, because I chose this way.”



You know what you want, and at Born This Way Doulas, we know that preparing for the birth of your baby and the expansion of your family is truly about choicesYour choices that you have deliberately curated based on your knowledge, your personal life experiences, your understanding and the evidence based data. 

Your choice to be supported by a doula shows that you are committed to making powerful positive choices about the birth of your child.


The Born This Way Doulas team of certified birth professionals are here to help you navigate the continuous vital choices you will be asked to make as you embark upon this journey - your child’s birth journey. Our hard-won experience and knowledge will nurture you, inspire you and enlighten you throughout your family’s transformation.

Your Choices

The ones you and your partner are making today for tomorrow. The ones that instill confidence. The ones that celebrate your ability to choose. The ones that strengthen your understanding of self, of each other and of your body and baby. 

Important Choices

The ones that will empower you through your birth experience. The ones that will equip you with self-actualization. The ones that will impact your parenting style. The ones that will enrich your life. 

Foundational Choices

The ones that will embolden your family. The ones that will be the cornerstone for emotional, mental, and physical health and well-being. The ones that are the basis for individual growth, partnership and family unity. The ones that set the tone for your family dynamic.

We are an inclusive practice, serving all families in the DC Metro Area.

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What is a doula?

Doulas provide continuous, non-medical support to a birthing person and their families before, during and after childbirth. To achieve the most positive and healthy birthing experience possible, that support could be educational, emotional or physical, depending on the needs presented at any given moment.


Born This Way Doulas give the support you need, regardless of your decisions or choices, and never judge. This is your birth, not ours!

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