Young Gay Couple

What Sets us Apart

With a deep desire for providing unbiased, inclusive labor support, Born This Way Doula Services is proud to serve families in the Northern Virginia area and military families from around the world. It is our mission to help and empower families as they navigate a positive and unique birth experience. 


Born this Way Doula Services is proud to support families of all shapes and sizes, creeds, complexions, cultures and from all walks of life. Since our inception, our mission is to support without judgement and provide equal opportunity empowerment through birth and beyond.


Alicia Riddlebarger


     Founder-owner, Alicia Riddlebarger is a ProDoula Certified Labor Doula, whose distinguished career sets her apart from other doula business owners. Not only is she a Certified Labor doula with years of real-world experience as the birthing parent of three children, but she has been dedicating her life for almost three decades to the safety, health and welfare of families.


     Through her active military career, she found a passion for medical care and pursued a career as a Radiologic Technologist. During her career, Alicia has provided hundreds of patients more than just compassionate clinical care. She has offered them support and connection by easing pain, comforting and instilling strength through tense, distressful, sometimes emergent situations. 


     These connections have laid the foundation for Alicia’s relationships with birthing parents today. Since the birth of her youngest son, her passion for birth and families continued to call her to doula work. This is what led to the creation of Born This Way Doulas, the home to a diverse team of doulas that share her mission and provide exceptional encouragement, comfort and motivational support. 


     Each Born This Way Doula is dedicated to Alicia’s purpose: To nurture the confidence, strength, and courage of each and every one of their clients. And, to give the unbiased, unconditional, unapologetic birth support each family needs and deserves to truly feel validated and empowered by their choices.