Birth/Labor Doula Services

Born This Way Doulas pride ourselves on being progressive, individualistic and inclusive. We cater to the needs of each special, diverse birthing family who offers us the privilege of standing beside them as they welcome new life. When you choose Born This Way Doulas, it is the first of your many right choices. 

The Born This Way Consultation:

Where you decide if Born This Way Doulas is right for you!


This is where we get to know one another! You get to ask all the important questions and together, we’ll determine our compatibility. 


In the relaxed environment of your home, or through online chat, we will discuss your birthing needs. We will get a sense about what you’d like your birth to look like and how we can best support you through the process.


Once you have chosen to be supported by Born This Way Doulas, we will schedule your Born This Way Prenatal Visit! 

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The Born This Way Prenatal Visit:

Where you share your birth goals, wishes and desires, and together we develop a plan! Your Born This Way Prenatal Visit is a very special opportunity to explore every inch of your options. Your doula will introduce ideas to you about each aspect of labor and will create a space where you can explore your thoughts and feelings regarding each. 


This is an incredible bonding opportunity where you and your partner come to trust and connect with your doula. Educational support is paramount and you will leave this meeting feeling prepared and equipped for the labor and birth of your baby.


The Born This Way Birth Support:

Where we bring you the support you need in real time!


Leading to the onset of labor, your doula will be available by phone, email and text. But when it’s time, when your contractions begin or your water breaks, you will be in constant communication with your doula. 


From helping you navigate when and what to do next, to being physically present at the hospital, your doula will provide you with the specialized support you will benefit from most.


Your doula support is easily broken down into 3 valuable and tangible categories that will ease your body, spirit and mind:


  • Physical – Hands on, in-person support


  • Educational – In-person, by phone and email support


  • Emotional – As you need it, when you need it!

The Born This Way Postpartum Visit:

Where you tell your doula what you need in order to feel your very best as a new parent. 


Leaving the hospital with your baby is an amazing experience. Once home, without the support of the nursing staff and lactation consultants you’ve become accustomed to having, questions will arise. Your doula will connect with you at your home or online via chat 7-10 days after you give birth. Of course, your doula will be available by phone, email and text at any time.


This, and so much more is the Born This Way Doulas experience that we want to share with you!

Is Born This Way the right fit for your birth?