Frequently Asked Questions

Do only people who have unmedicated births utilize doulas?

Absolutely not! Doulas assist in all kinds of births! We’re trained in how to support YOU, not just with unmedicated births, but also with epidural and Cesarean births. We are there to support and validate you in whatever way will contribute to your ideal birth -- not our own. Our goal is to help you achieve the birth you envision.

Will my insurance pay for my doula?

Most insurances do not cover doula care, but some FSA or HRA plans will allow you to submit and be reimbursed. Also, if you are a flex spend account holder, you may use your HSA/FSA card to pay for doula services.

What are the benefits of having a doula?

Will a doula take the place of my partner?

We will never overshadow a partner in the birth room. We know that no one can do a better job at making you feel loved than they can, and that is ALL they should have to worry about - loving you. We share our ideas and suggestions with your partner so they can provide amazing support (both physical and emotional!), all while keeping your birth plan in mind. It is all about you BOTH.

​* Shorter labors

* Less likely to use pain medications,     if desired.  Not everyone wants an

 unmedicated birth! 

* Fewer cesareans

* More positive childbirth experiences

* Lower anxiety levels