What does virtual doula support look like?

Can you believe it's been over a year since COVID has come into our lives and turned our worlds upside down? What a journey it's been! And while we'll have to continue to adapt as time goes on, if there's anything we've learned it's adaptation, right?

At the beginning, it seemed like we were all sort of along for the ride, didn't it? And as time has gone on, many hospitals are once again allowing doulas in to support their clients. But some still aren't.

So how does virtual doula support work? Is it right for your family?

One of the first and most important ways to prepare for your birth is education. With virtual support, it's even more important! While we can't physically be there with you, we can provide you with facts and information that make the experience much more comfortable and a lot less intimidating or confusing. What kind of information?

*What does the hospital check-in experience look like? What procedures will be done?

*Can I go home if I'm not as dilated as I'd like to be?

*Will my partner have to be tested for COVID? Will we have to wear masks the whole time?

*What pain control options will be offered to me? What are the risks and benefits of those medications?

*Can I refuse any procedures? Which ones? Are they all absolutely necessary for a safe and healthy birth?

Your doula will work with you ahead of time, informing you of situations that may arise during your hospital stay, and what choices you have the power to make in the moment.

What about my birth plan? How will I know when to speak up about my preferences? We get it: You've never been here before, and the experience can be confusing! Tap those brakes and CALL YOUR DOULA. We're right here.

But what about face time with my doula? Every client is different. Some want a lot of it, and some don't really have a preference either way. The point is, it's your choice. Only want text and phone calls? Great! Do video calls make you feel more secure? We're here for it! As with every birth we attend, your doula is with you every step of the way.

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