This is why we do what we do.

-  T.   April 2021

"Alicia was incredibly helpful to us before the birth of our son in helping us to write up our birth plan, think through our preferences, and overall feel more prepared for birth. However, Alicia’s support and presence were truly monumental when we had to be induced and our simple plan for the birth turned into a long labor with unforeseen challenges and decisions. Having her in the room while we contemplated these new decisions helped us feel more comfortable and confident in our options and ultimately kept us calm throughout the long labor and our son’s ultimate birth. We could not recommend Alicia more highly and look forward to her presence for all of our future children!"

-  C.   November 2020

"Hiring Alicia to be our doula was one of the best decisions we’ve made. We recently moved to Northern Virginia during COVID and because of this we were unable to attend any in-person birth classes. Alicia immediately made us feel more at ease, answering all of our silly and naïve questions about the labor process and it was obvious that there was an instant connection. She has this ability to make you feel safe and comfortable while at the same time we felt like we had known her for years.  Alicia is kind, knowledgeable, and incredibly intuitive. She was able to anticipate everyone’s requests, never missing a beat when she was needed. We were only able to meet in person at the birth due to COVID restrictions, but because of our previous conversations via Zoom, and the already established relationship, we truly felt like we had a friend there with us to help welcome our daughter into this world. Anyone would be lucky to have Alicia as their doula. She will be an invaluable member of any birth team. We can’t thank her enough for everything she’s done for us! "

-E.     Ocotober 2020

       "Alicia was an absolutely essential part of my birthing experience. In preparation for the big day, Alicia was proactive in finding out everything she could about our birth plan, and offered advice and ideas that made it better. When labor came, she took immediate action to alleviate my pain naturally, helping me get into certain positions, breathing techniques, reminding me to hydrate and use the bathroom, and applying pressure in all the right places. Until the very end, her hands and voice got me through the worst physical pain of my life. I was able to avoid an epidural for 30 hours! When I eventually gave in and had the epidural, she did not judge and applauded my making a decision which felt right for me at the time. She advocated for us throughout with the nurses and doctors, enforcing our birth plan when hospital staff tried to steamroll us in the name of efficiency. I would have had regrets in the delivery room if not for Alicia. During the pushing process, she took pictures as we had asked her to, and documented those moments beautifully. I am so glad Alicia was there for us and cannot imagine anyone giving birth without a doula. It's like having a mom/advocate/coach/friend/teacher in the room, so my birth partner and I could be in the moment. Afterwards, she celebrated our baby girl with us and felt like part of our family. We are eternally grateful!"

-S.     March 2020

       "After taking a childbirth class at a local hospital, we knew we wanted a doula at our first child's birth to help support both myself and my husband.  We wanted someone experienced to help guide us through such a momentous and unpredictable occasion.  We didn't realize just how unpredictable it would become! Through the Coronavirus lockdown, hospital visitor restrictions, and an unplanned Cesarean section, Alicia was there with us at every step. She was incredibly flexible with the constantly changing situation.  She was only a call, text, or video chat away, and virtually held our hands the whole time we were in the hospital. She made sure we had the support and resources we needed before, during, and after the delivery of our baby boy, and I very much appreciated her checking in on us after his birth. Her experience and knowledge were invaluable, and she was a steady and dependable support during a tumultuous time."

-E. March 2020

"Alicia was my doula for my first natural birth. She was great getting me through contractions and was very hands-on and professional. She took the time to really see what my needs were and guided me through any questions or fears I had about going natural. I felt she gave great support before, during and after."